Command Line

Command Line App #

Introduction #

Yozuk has a CLI application called zuk.

zuk has no specific syntax for input arguments.

$ zuk "Hello world!" to base64

$ zuk md5 sha1 <
MD5: 9a66c2053bdd56085aa239fb72398fdf
SHA-1: ce45d3f41d0010ae30fe0fe285511665b255882f

Without arguments, zuk starts as an interactive (REPL) mode.

$ zuk
Hi. I'm Yozuk. How may I assist you?
» SGVsbG8gd29ybGQh
Base64 Decoder: Decoding Base64 string
Hello world!
» roll dice

Installation #

There are pre-built binaries for some platforms, but you can build it from the source by yourself.

Pre-built Binaries #

Other Platforms

Package Manager # #

cargo install zuk

Homebrew #

brew tap yozuk/yozuk
brew install zuk

WAPM (Experimental) #

wapm install yozuk/zuk
The WAPM binary runs on the Wasmer runtime and lacks some features available in the native app.

From Repository #

Build Requirements #

  • Rust toolchain: 1.60.0 or later
  • CMake: 3.12 or later
Linux only #
  • libseccomp
    • Debian: apt-get install libseccomp-dev

Command #

git clone
cd yozuk/zuk
cargo install .

Features #

  • rayon (default) - Enables parallelization.
  • rpc (default) - Enables RPC server mode.
  • secure-context (default) - Restricts available system calls for further security. This feature takes effect only on x86_64 Linux.