Yozuk #

Introduction #

Yozuk is an assistant bot designed for helping programmers with trivial tasks such as UUID generation, hash calculation and timestamp conversion. Unlike normal command-line tools, Yozuk uses a simple NLP approach to infer the meaning of your requests, so you don’t have to remember the exact syntax of commands.

What can Yozuk do? #

For example…

  • UUID generation

    generate 3 uuids
  • Calculation

    (12345 + 43) * sqrt(5)
  • Dummy text generation

    25 words lorem ipsum
  • Digest calculation

    "Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!" to sha384
  • Base64 decoding

  • …and so on!

    The comprehensive skill list is here.

Getting Started #

Web App is the easiest way to try Yozuk.

Yozuk provides a Command Line App called zuk, if you prefer a terminal interface.

Also, chatbot integrations are available for Telegram, Slack and Discord.